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From July 2018 onwards google changes many things in their advertisement to get the high response rate. Many of you are breaking your heads to create a responsive ad in google to get high CTR.

More than 30% of the users see the advertisement on their mobile phone. So, Google concentrates on mobile appearance than desktops.

So, here are 5 tips for you to create a responsive ad in google

1)Local search ads to respond on Google maps.

Google had unveiled what it calls the “next generation” of local search ads. These new ads will appear within Google Maps (on the app as well as both the desktop and mobile versions of the site), as well as across In google maps advertisement now we can add brand logos and offers when they come near to you.

However, the ad targeting here is a bit complicated. Ads show based on queries, but Google is also looking at several other context signals (similar to display advertising), such as personal browsing history, similar users, time of day, interests, and behaviors.


2)Using expanded text in text ads - double headline

This is like an extra bonus to the advertisers. Google added a double headline option for text add and expanded the content size. In addition to more clicks, Google said longer headlines will be more useful for advertisers, and result in better-qualified traffic for advertisers. This change is high effective – literally. Particularly with so little space on the smartphone screen, this headline change is great news for advertisers

3) Better Measurement of Return on Invest.

You know people are clicking on your AdWords ads and this is driving traffic to your local business, but how much exactly? AdWords can now help more businesses bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds by measuring in-store conversions.

The beautiful part is that Google simply looks at phone location history to determine whether the person who searched and clicked on your ad ended up walking into the store.

As an example, Google cited Nissan UK, which discovered 6 percent of people who clicked on ads went to the dealership, resulting in 25x ROI.

4) New responsive display ads

Google also released a new, larger Responsive Ad format for GDN campaigns. The news comes as a relief to many display advertisers. The new Responsive GDN ads should be considered an attractive alternative to text ads for the display network with the ability to reformat to fit different ad sizes and placements. As Google puts it, “We built responsive ads for display to help your ads adapt to the increasingly diverse mix of content types and screen sizes.

5) changes to device pricing:

Going forward, this is all being decoupled. You will have the ability to set mobile bids, desktop bids, and tablet bids independently or make them dependent on each other. This gives advertisers a little more flexibility and further enforces Google's mobile-first viewpoint (why start with the desktop bid if everything is moving to mobile-first?).

Then why are you wasting your time. Use these advantages to create high response advertisement.


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